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The next-generation
AI-driven data governance platform





Award-Winning Data Governance Platform

We're delighted to announce that our innovative data solutions have been recognised by the international analysts Bloor Research, winning the Gold Mutable Award 2023.

dataBelt® is a regtech software for data governance, analysis and management with practical applications for helping people and communities, organisations and reducing the impact of climate change.

What is dataBelt?

dataBelt is Software built with Artificial Intelligence for Data Governance and Fraud Prevention, Detection, Investigation and Reporting, on one AI enabled technical platform.

It is now recognised that there is a change in the direction of travel in organisations, and boundaries between data disciplines are coming down - risk, compliance, data protection,  cyber security. DataBelt, is a smart
micro-service horizontal platform supporting all data governance challenges using machine learning and robotic processing - e-discovery, litigation, counter fraud, compliance, M&A, security, data protection and regulatory reviews.

Discover data, everywhere

Discover data, everywhere

Using dataBelt's proprietary AI-enabled data crawler, discover, index, and classify all data -

structured and un-structured.

Data is a critical asset for delivering business objectives. Understanding and managing your data effectively are vital and the most successful organisations are those which are data centric in their operations. Data governance is the process for ensuring that your data is kept safe, accurate and compliant to deliver business objectives such as generating new revenue streams, reducing operational costs and de-risking processes.

GDPR Compliance

Support and guidance for organisations at any and all stages of the data protection lifecycle.

In tandem with data compliance, dataBelt's data protection module has the capability to provide a comprehensive data protection/GDPR compliance response and fully support the activities of the enterprise's DPO and associated Privacy Office.

  • Open and manage all requests, enquiries and investigations in Case Manager

  • Classify and index all your data, identifying any personal data

  • Raise, process and monitor DSARs and FOIs

  • Search any data asset of any size or type, anywhere, and locate any data in any structured or unstructured format

  • Report and liaise with originator and all relevant authorities

Brushed Metal

Search for any data, structured or unstructured

  • Find all your data assets, whatever they are and wherever they are located

  • Deep search any and all data assets for any data of any type

  • Search Exchange, Google Drive, Drop Box, any servers, fileshares, emails, spreadsheets, PDFs, microfiche, images, videos, sound files

  • Find personal information, references, key words, multiple language characters

  • Use AI to match image types and for facial recognition


Eradicating ROT data

What is ROT? ROT is Redundant, Obsolete and Trivial data that is no longer, or possibly never was, useful to an organisation

Some estimates put the ROT issue as affecting around one third of business data, and it could contain PII data, PHI (health) data, and PCI (payment card information.)

Holding excessive volumes of ROT data results in large amounts of storage being required. This leads to increased costs, an impact on reporting, and a decrease in productivity.

dataBelt helps organisations to become ROT free. By defining ROT criteria, or using dataBelt's OOTB models, it's simple to discover and isolate ROT data, and subsequently move or delete it. 


Host how and where you want.

We understand how important choice of hosting location can be to an organisation. That's why we provide flexible hosting arrangements to suit all security needs. Whether on-premise, on the Aim Azure Cloud or your own cloud, the choice is yours!

Aim is accredited in the National Cyber Security Centre’s Cyber Essentials. This means our systems are certified as safe from Hacking, Phishing and brute force password attacks. 

We have the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Information Security Management certification as well as ISO/IEC 27017:2021 Cloud platforms and SaaS services.

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UK Hosted


Data Democratization: Understanding your data using AI
Data Democratization: Understanding your data using AI
22 Jun 2023, 10:00 BST
BrightTalk Webinar
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Brushed Metal

Meet our team:


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